The bridge between
crypto world and
traditional investors

The best all in one solution for private crypto banking, your digital assets stored in cold storage and insured, grow your capital, earn interest and swap between 300+ tokens.

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BigSur Funds are completely safe, using state of the art multi-signature and deep cold storage.

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Military-grade security vaults.

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Transparent and Secure

Third-party auditory,
transparent and secure

250 million

$250 million insurance
on custodial assets


FIAT to Crypto

Buy crypto using our instant-swap product,
access liquidity of over $50M.

Start your crypto portfolio, start building wealth automatically.

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Earn interest

Earn the industry’s highest interest rates on major cryptocurrencies. Interest is calculated daily, compounded and paid out weekly on all your tokens.

Borrow against your digital assets, get access to instant crypto credit lines.



Spend your money
while earning interest
on your positions

With BigSur debit card, you can spend in FIAT, while automatically swapping crypto to FIAT when necessary.

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The future of
Private Banking

BigSur makes extremely easy and moreover, extremely safe for HNI and institution to access and operate crypto digital assets and decentralized financial products that improves what already exists on legacy institutions.

Our strategy is to be the bridge between what lies behind decentralized finance, and customers who want to take advantages of it.

We are bringing professional financial services to the world of digital crypto assets, with a very specialized team with years of experience in technology, blockchain and decentralized finance, and helping our customers to live the future of finance, today.

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is easy

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